Filter manufacturer - Croft Filters specialise in all types of filter manufacturing

Croft Filters

Croft Filters are a leading filter manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing industrial filters to solve filtration challenges in a range of manufacturing sectors all over the world.

Our extensive expertise means customers benefit from filter manufacturing solutions in any shape or design, including basket strainers, duplex filters, vacuum filters, cone filters, cylinder filters and screen filters in perforated plate, woven wire mesh and expanded metal.

The expert team at Croft Filters are available to offer support and advice on any aspect of mesh filters, filter elements and filter housings.

We have perfected the Dixon Ring manufacturing process, developing a machine especially for high-speed production. And we’re soon to launch a new range of filters based on Additive Manufacturing technology, which will offer our customers a number of significant benefits, such as cutting-edge design, high strength and impressive production speeds.

Croft Filters also stock a range of material (often for next-day delivery), including stainless steel mesh, perforated sheet, wedge wire, fine wire mesh, wire mesh sheets, wedge wire, filter mesh, expanded metal mesh and galvanised wire mesh.

At Croft Filters, we take great pride in our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and supplying a rapid turnaround on our bespoke services.